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RIP Paramedic Harrison

RIP Paramedic Harrison

Monday, August 24, 2015  Early this morning the fire & rescue service lost one of our own. The Potomac Valley Fire Company, Inc. has the Community Rescue Service of Hagerstown (Washington County Co. 75), the Baltimore County Fire Dept and the family of Hubert "JR" Harrison in their thoughts & prayers.

Rest in Peace Brother Harrison



Wildfire claims 3 more Firefighter

Friday, August 21, 2015 
As wildfires are continuing to sweep across the west leaving a path of destruction the US Forest Service and firefighter across the country are morning the tragic death of 3 Us Forestry Service members while working to stop the spread of a wild fire in Washington State and a fourth is listed in critical condition after being overtaken by the fire.

The Members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company, Inc. send their Thoughts and Prayers to the family, friends and co-workers of our fallen. Please keep the thousands of forestry personnel working across the country to extinguish the dangerous wildfires in your thoughts and prayers.



Schools in, Use Caution

Use Caution

Use Caution

Friday, August 21, 2015 



2 Alarm Fire end with a Murder Suicide

Monday, August 10, 2015  This Morning a few minutes after 8, units from Fredrick County MD & Loudoun County VA. Were alerted for and responding to a reported house fire on South Virginia Ave in Brunswick (right behind Brunswick Ambulance Co. 19). Units arrived to find a 2 story home (converted into 4 apartments) with heavy fire showing. Initial reports advised of possible people trapped. Engine 51 (Brunswick), Engine 612 (Loudoun Co) and personnel from company 19 began a search of the structure and initial fire attack. Chief 5 arrived on scene and requested a Safety Assignment and a 2nd alarm at 8:18.

At 8:19 Engine Company 11 was alerted to assist on the 2nd alarm. Engine 11-2 (A/C Otzelberger Jr), Support 11-7 ( D/C A. Martin) responded. Units arrived and staged on West Potomac St.  just south of the incident scene and their personnel reported to the Command Post for assignment. Crews from company 11 joined personnel from Frederick County MD, Loudoun County VA, Jefferson County WV. and our Washington County  "South County" partners from the First Hose Company of Boonsboro 6 & 8. Crews operated on scene for just shy of 3 hours.

During this incident, Washington County ECC received a call reporting a Personnel Injury Collision on Keep Tryst Rd in Company 11's first due. PD units arrived in the area of the Weverton boat ramp turn around to find a single car with two Priority 4's (DOA) from an apparent murder suicide. Keep Tryst road was blocked off at RT. 340 & at Sandy Hook Rd for most of the afternoon for the Police investigation. Not long into the investigation, the identification of the 2 priority 4's were known and linking them to the 2 alarm fire just an hour before in Brunswick.

During the fire numerous families lost everything they owned and during this tragic incident linked to the fire a family lost a family member. The Potomac Valley Fire Company sends their thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by these tragic events this morning.  

Crews on scene of the fire made an aggressive fire attack and limited the fire spread. 2 neighboring homes suffered damage from the fire, 2 additional structures received minor heat damage and thankfully the Brunswick Vol. Ambulance Company building was spared.


Company 11 Units:

Engine 11-2 & Support 11-7 (5 personnel)



Search on the Potomac River

Saturday, August 8, 2015  On Saturday afternoon Washington County Emergency Communications Center received a call reporting an adult man in a blue life Jacket floating down the rive in the area of Lock 34. Units from Company 11 reported to Lock 34 were Support 11-7 (D/C A. Martin, FF. B Hunter), Support 11-1 w/ BT 11 (Chief Gray, Sgt C. Payne & FF. A. Coblentz)) proceeded down the tow path to the area of the Harper's Ferry train bridge and cross over where D/C 11 established the "Potomac River Command". The remaining crew from company 11  Pre-paired and launched Boat 11. Boat 11 (Chief Gray, Sgt Payne) proceeded up stream towards the point in Harper's Ferry where Jefferson County Boat 7 (Bakerton) was preparing to launch.  Both Boats worked their way south through the crowed River. Crews worked their way down stream, stopping and checking with the estimated 500+ rafters & tubers on the water while Trooper 3 (MD State Police) searched from the air, making 4 passes over head. After an hour of searching by both ground (on foot & by vehicle along the towpath), by Boat on the water, by air with Trooper 3 and talking with the hundreds of rafters & tubers who saw and heard nothing, the incident was declared an good intent call.  Once Boats 11 & 7 were off the river the "Potomac River Command" was terminated and units began to go in service.

During this time of the year, the Potomac River has an estimated 1,500 - 2,000 rafters and tubers floating down stream with the numerous Tubing & Rafting companies in the area and calls of this nature is not uncommon. Most of the time passersby on the roadways see people out of their tubs or rafts and call 9-11.



Double Pull on 1-1 Box

Friday, August 7, 2015   At 10:43 am, Company 11 was alerted to assist on Box 1-1 (Sharpsburg). Medic 19-2 (Sharpsburg EMS) arrived on scene and advised of a light haze in the structure. Engine 11-2's took the 2nd due engine company position and assisted Engine 1-1 with a search of the structure while Engine 11-1 arrived 3rd and staged. Crews found a burned up washer machine in the basement.



2015 PVFC Breast Cancer Shirts

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 

The Potomac Valley Fire Company  2015 Breast Cancer T-Shirts.

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Front Left

Front Left




MSFA Recognized Members of Co. 11

Monday, July 27, 2015  On Monday evening during the monthly membership meeting for the PVFC, David Keller III (Maryland State Firemen's Association President) & Dale Hill ( Washington County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association President) were in attendance to present certificates and recognize 10 members of company 11 for their Outstanding Act of Heroism during an incident on October 28, 2014 where these members rescued a downed firefighter during a mountain fire in the Harper’s Ferry Historical Park in Jefferson County, WV.

On that October night in 2014, shortly after 21:00 hrs. Company 11 units (Utility 11 w/ATV 11, Engine-Tanker 11, Supports 11-0 & 11-7) arrived on the scene of the mountain fire. Moments after being deployed into the woods a Mayday was declared for a downed firefighter who had fallen 80+ feet down into a ravine. Command immediately asked the crew from Company 11 (who had all their rope rescue equipment with them on Utility 11) to re-deploy as the rescue group. Personnel from Company 11 were joined by 3 additional Rescue Technicians from Jefferson County & 2 from the Veterans Affairs Fire Dept. in Martinsburg, WV.

The rescue crew proceeded into the woods and began working through the extremely rough and unstable terrain to reach the last known location of the downed firefighter. Confirmation was made of his location and the Rescue Team began to recon the area and form a rescue plan. Rigging was set up with 2 personnel being lowered down into the ravine. The 2 person crew with Rescue & EMS equipment were lowered down and began to stabilize the firefighter.  Two additional personnel and equipment were also lowered down to assist. They began to formulate a plan for evacuation. After stabilizing the firefighter the decision was made to lower him the remaining 30+ feet to the ground below instead of using a hoisting operation to hoist the firefighter back up the 80+ foot cliff. While crews were working to rescue the downed firefighter, other crews who were working to extinguish the fire began making their way from the lower side of the cliff along the train tracks and a small farm lane to reach an area where the down firefighter could be safely transported out to an awaiting EMS unit.

The rescue crews worked for a little over 2 hours to stabilize and extricate the injured firefighter who thankfully only suffered non-life threating injuries.

The Potomac Valley Fire Company is proud of the outstanding job and team work demonstrated by all personnel involved in this rescue operation.

Members recognized:

Chief Eric Gray

D/C Arnold Martin

A/C Roger Otzelberger Jr

Capt. Chip Warfield

Lt. Jeff Martin

Sgt. Charlie Payne

Sgt. Robert Ecton

FF. Bobby Hunter

FF. Ben Rohrer

FF. Paul Perkins

Chief E. Gray, A/C R. Otzelberger Jr, Lt. J Martin, Sgt C. Payne, Sgt R. Ecton, FF. B. Hunter, FF. Ben Rohrer (Not Pictured, D/C A. Martin, Capt. Chip Warfield, FF. P Perkins)

Chief E. Gray, A/C R. Otzelberger Jr,
      Lt. J Martin, Sgt C. Payne, Sgt R.
      Ecton, FF. B. Hunter, FF. Ben Rohrer
      (Not Pictured, D/C A. Martin, Capt. Chip
      Warfield, FF. P Perkins)

Chief Eric Gray

Chief Eric Gray


Company Picnic

Saturday, July 25, 2015  On Saturday afternoon members of company 11 took a few hours to relax, enjoy the weather and enjoy a day out with each other away from the daily business of the fire company at the 2nd Annual company picnic at the South County Regional Park on Chestnut Grove Rd (Co. 11 first due). During the afternoon members enjoyed some great food, had a pick up softball game and yes even the big kids joined the little ones in a few squirt gun battles and on the play ground. To ensure coverage for our citizens Support 11-7 & Engine 11-2 were staffed at the park and available if needed. Thank you to the Picnic committee for another great picnic and for all the hard work that goes into putting on this event.

2015 PVFC Picnic

2015 PVFC Picnic

E11-2 staffed

E11-2 staffed


Mutual Aid - 3 Alarm Fire

Thursday, July 23, 2015 

At 3:15 am a commercial structure fire was reported in neighboring Historic Harper's Ferry WV. Upon arrival, units from Jefferson County WV company 1 (Friendship Fire Co of Harper's Ferry) found heavy fire conditions involving multiple structures. At 3:35 A.m. a 2nd Alarm was sounded bring Engine 11-2 to the scene. Shortly after the arrival of Engine 11-2, a 3rd alarm was sounded bringing additional manpower to the scene. Due to the advanced fire, Heavy fire conditions, the tight historic streets, crews had a tough time extinguishing the fire and worked overnight and into the morning. Departments from 5 Counties in 3 States responded to this fire. By 9am the fire was under control but units worked throughout the morning and into the afternoon extinguishing remaining hotspots, conducting overhaul operations and assisting the Fire Marshal’s Office with their investigation. In all 4 buildings (housing 8 businesses) were heavily damaged in this fire.

This fire was a great example of the working relationship that departments from Jefferson County & Berkeley County WV. Loudoun County VA, Frederick County & Washington County MD have and how well our mutual aid agreement works. 



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