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Sat. Oct. 15th, 2016

Sat. Oct. 15th, 2016

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Come cheer on & support the PVFC

Come cheer on & support the PVFC

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016 



Thoughts & Prayers

Thursday, April 14, 2016  The Potomac Valley Fire Company send our Thoughts & Prayers to the PGFD (Prince George County Fire Department) on the tragic and LODD (Line of Duty Death) of John "Skillet" Ulmschneider. FF/Medic Ulmschneider was working at the Forestville station for the shift when alerted along with Rescue-Engine 827 (Morningside) for a welfare check. While on scene after numerous attempts to make contact with the homeowner fire/rescue personnel forced entry and faced multiple gun shots. FF/Medic Ulmschneider was fatally shot. Also shot were Volunteer Firefighter Kevin Swain (Morningside) and a family member of the "Patient". Our Thoughts & Prayers to the PGFD, Personnel of station 830, 823, 827 and for a speedy recovery for FF Swain.



Mutual Aid to Frederick County - Mountain Fire

Saturday, April 2, 2016  On Saturday afternoon with Washington County & surrounding area's under "Red Flag" Warnings for the 3rd time in 3 weeks, Company 11 was alerted for a mountain fire in company 8 (Boonsboro-Rohresville station) at 3:05 PM. Brush 11 w/ ATV 11 (D/C Otzelberger), Engine-Tanker 11 (FF. Burgan), Support 11-7 (Capt. A. Martin) responded. While en-route nothing was visible from the Route 67 area, Company 8 units began to recon the area with Capt. 11 setting up a staging area at the Brownsville Pond. Having units in the area, Washington County advised A/C 8 that Frederick County had reports of the fire being on their side of the mountain along Burkittsville Rd (Rt17). Units from Washington County (11, 8, 6) reported to the Burkittsville Rd location. D/C 11 (Otzelberger) on ATV 11 found the fire was found along the Frederick County side just reaching the top ridge of the mountain. Personnel and brush equipment were transported up to the fire by ATV's from Frederick & Washington County. Frederick County Chief 20 (Jefferson FC) established Burkittsville Rd Command, with Washington County A/C 8 taking the Operations group. The fire was held to just under a half acre. Having the fire contained Command released Engine-Tanker 11 along with other units in staging along Burkittsville Rd. Brush 11, ATV 11 & Support 11-7 remained on scene until 6:45 PM



Another "Red Flag" Warning, send co. 11 on a Brush Fire

Thursday, March 31, 2016  The "Red Flag" Warnings continue. After a week of strong winds and dry conditions Washington County was under another "Red Flag" Warning. With winds from 20-30 mph and guest up to 50 mph company 11 & 8 were alerted for a Brush fire in the 18900 blk of Sandy Hook Rd. While units were en-route, Communications advised units of multiple calls reporting a large fire spreading up hill towards Sandy Hook Rd. Brush 11 (2 personnel) arrived on scene to find an 100x20 brush fire along the Train tracks and spreading up hill towards Sandy Hook Rd and along the tracks. Brush 11's crew placed into service 2 line's (Booster Line & forestry line) and went to work to contain the fire spread with A/C 11 establishing "Sandy Hook Rd Command". Engine-Tanker 11 (3 Personnel) arrived on scene and began to supply Brush 11 and assist Brush 11's crew with containing and extinguishing the fire. Company 8 (Brush 8 & Engine 8-1) arrived on scene and assisted company 11 with extinguishing the remaining hot spots and large fallen timber. Units worked for just over an hour before going in-service.

Approximately 20 x 100 patch of grass

Approximately 20 x 100 patch of grass


Late Night Transfer to Ranon WV

Wednesday, March 23, 2016  While units from Jefferson County were operating on a structure fire, Jefferson county requested company 11 for an Engine transfer to Jefferson County station 4 (Independent Fire Company 4) in Ranson at 11:32 PM. Engine 11-2 took the transfer with 5 personnel. During the transfer Engine 11-2 did not handle any calls, but Ambulance 4-1 handled a BLS call which did not require Engine 11-2's assistance. Engine 11-2 filled in at station for until 1:20 AM.



High Fire Danger Warning leads to back to back brush fires

Friday, March 18, 2016  Having the area under “Red Flag" warnings due to high winds and perfect conditions for Brush fires, the daytime crew at station 11 began preparing for whatever the day would bring. After morning apparatus checks, cleaning the station, Engine room floors & some of the apparatus the crew fired up the BBQ grill for lunch. While cooking lunch crews were listening in on a large brush fire just over the line in Jefferson County WV, an area company 11 knows well. At 12:55 with lunch almost ready, station 11 was alerted for 1st due brush fire on Hoffmaster Rd. Brush 11 (2 personnel), Engine-Tanker 11 (2 personnel), Support 11-7 (1 personnel), Support 11-1 W/ ATV 11 (1 personnel) & D/C 11 (pov) responded. D/C 11 (Otzelberger) arrived on scene to find approximately 1/2 acre of farm field actively burning along with 2 small boats and 2 vehicles well off. D/C 11 instructed Brush 11 to access the field and cut off the fire spread in the field & Engine-Tanker 11 to concentrate on the vehicles & protect the numerous exposures. At 1:10, Washington County Emergency Communications Center advised D/C 11 that Jefferson County was requesting an Engine from company 11 to assist on the large Brush fire. Having crews making a quick stop on the fire spread and crews focusing on the vehicle fire, D/C 11 released Supports 11-1 (w/ATV 11) & 11-7 to respond back to station 11 for Engine 11-1. Engine 11-1 responded with 2 personnel, but was placed in-service just prior to arriving on scene in Jefferson County. The crews working on the Hoffmaster Rd brush fire worked for just shy of an hour extinguishing the fire and working on the remaining hot spots. While company 11 units were out on these calls, Sharpsburg Brush 1 transferred into station 11. Not to be out done, with crews back in quarters from the back to back brush fires as lunch was being reheated & the apparatus being cleaned up from the previous calls, Company 11 was alerted for Medic assist (Trouble Breathing) on Valley Rd in company 11’s first due. Support 11-7 responded while the remaining crews continued with the clean up.



Back to Back to Back, ends with working fire

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 

Thursday brings back to back to back calls, keeping company 11 busy. As Engine 11-2 was clearing  an EMS call, Washington County alerted company 11 (second call) for a transfer to Jefferson County station 5 (Blue Ridge Mountain)while units were operating on a structure fire  Shannondale area. Engine 11-2 marked up on Washington and then switched over to Jefferson Dispatch. As Jefferson County Dispatch copied the response of Engine 11-2 they advised Engine 11-2 to disregard the transfer and respond as part of the 2 alarm assignment in Shannondale.

Upon arrival, Engine 11-2's crew (4 personnel) split into two crews, one crew reported to the Charlie side and assisted in fire suppression, the second crew reported to the Alpha side and assisted in fire suppression. Due to the heavy fire conditions crews remained in a defensive attack. Crews remained on scene for 3 hrs assisting in fire suppression, Overhaul operations and assisting Citizens Fire Company (Charles Town) with repacking the1300 ft of supply line back onto Engine-Tanker 2.



Outstanding Job

Pride, Dedication,Tradition

Pride, Dedication,Tradition

Thursday, March 3, 2016  On Sunday afternoon shortly after noon, Company 11 was alerted for "Working Code" (Heart not beating) on the Towpath in the area of the Dargan Boat ramp. Within minutes Utility 11 (3 Personnel), Support 11-0 (Chief Gray) and Support 11-7 (Capt. A. Martin) arrived on scene to find an adult make not breathing and a bystander providing CPR.  Without a pause in compression, personnel from Utility 11 stepped in and took over CPR. Having ALS (Advance Life Support) still minutes out crews continued CPR, hooked up the AED and provided a shock to the patient. Due to the outstanding job by the personnel from the Potomac Valley Fire Company, Inc. the patient regained a heart beat. Personnel from Sharpsburg EMS & EMS 1820 (Washington County Emergency Service) took over and continued patient care during transport to a local hospital.

The hours of training each year, the Pride & Dedication, the thousands of hours of hard work are all for moments like this....

Outstanding Job by the following members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company

Chief Eric Gray, Capt Arnold Martin, Sgt. Chip Warfield, FF Harry Burns, FF RJ Davis and Clarence Webber.



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