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Friday, April 4, 2014   Our AYCE breakfast is tomorrow morning. 0730-1030 or sold out.

Menu: Pancakes, Eggs, Sausage, and Sausage Gravy.

There will be a special guest for the kiddies. Pictures can be taken with the special guest, just bring your own camera. 



Fire/Rescue Service rocked by another death

Rest in Peace Brothers

Rest in Peace Brothers

Wednesday, March 26, 2014  As the day went on, News of a large fire in the City of Boston began making its way across the country. Shortly after this news broke, News of multiple Firefighters being trapped and injured began to come in.

Sadly tonight comes news that the City of Boston has lost two fellow Firefighters (Lt. Ed Walsh and FF Michael Kennedy). The member of the Potomac Valley Fire Company send their thoughts and prayers to the families of  Lt. Ed Walsh and FF Michael Kennedy and to our brother with the City of Boston Fire Department. My our fallen brothers never be forgotten, May we continue to carry on where our brothers left off.



Washington County lose's one of its own

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

Wednesday, March 26, 2014  This morning during a multiple vehicle accident on I81 just inside of Berkeley County WV. Mitchell Dobbins of the Western Enterprise Fire Company in the City of Hagerstown was killed.

The members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company send their thoughts and prayers out to Mitchell's family, members of Western Enterprise and to all who knew Mitchell.

R.I.P Mitchell Dobbins




Sunday, March 23, 2014  THANK YOU

The Potomac Valley Fire Company would like to thank everyone who came out last night to our Money Bingo. Thank you, for making last night a great success and we hope to see everyone again at our other fund raisers.



Engine Transfer to Bakerton

Photo by: Sgt 11 D. Warfield

Photo by: Sgt 11 D. Warfield

Sunday, March 23, 2014  Shortly after units from company 11 returned from a brush fire in Sharpsburg, Engine 11-2 was requested by Jefferson County Wv. to transfer to their company 7 (Bakerton).

units were operating on the scene of a working structure fire. Engine 11-2 stood by at station 7 for 2 hours, before returning to station 11.






Wednesday, March 19, 2014  BINGO IS BACK....

The Potomac Valley Fire Co. is holding a MONEY BINGO

Sat. March 22 2014 

Doors open at 5:00

Early bird 6:00 Bingo starts at 6:30

Reg.games 50.00

First Jackpot 500.00 

Second Jackpot 1000.00 

The Kitchen will be open.

Cost:  Come out and play all for just  a donation of 35.00.

Only a 100 tickets will be sold........

To reserve your tickets, Please contact:

Arnold Martin 301-964-9783


LaCrysta Payne 301-491-1815




Co. 11 Double Pulls

Wednesday, March 19, 2014  As the members of company 11 were conducting their weekly training Section , Units from companies 11 & 8 were alerted for an Automatic Fire Alarm in the 1300 block of Weverton Rd. Having over a dozen personnel in the station, company 11 responded with Engine 11-2 (4 personnel), Engine-Tanker 11 (5 personnel) and Support 11-0 (Chief 11).

While en route, Washington County Communications advised Chief 11 of a report of smoke in the structure. Moments later EMS 1820 arrived on scene and reported nothing evident from side "A" of the structure. Chief 11 arrived right behind EMS 1820 and was advised of a possible fire out in a trash can with smoke conditions inside. 

The crew from Engine 11-2 entered the structure to find light smoke throughout and began checking the structure for any possible fire extension or fire spread. The trash can was removed from the structure and the engine crew checked for any extension into the kitchen cabinets and walls of the structure. Having found no extension, a PPV (Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan) was placed at the front door to help ventilation the structure. 

During the incident, members discovered no working smoke alarms within the structure. Crews assisted the homeowners with a smoke alarm and provided additional fire prevention and safety information.



Engine 11-2 - (Lt. J. Martin, Sgt D. Warfield, Engineer B. Hunter, FF B. Rorher)

Engine - Tanker 11 - ( Sgt. C. Payne, Capt A. Martin, FF G. Ingram, 

                                       EMT V. North, First Responder L. Payne).

Support 11-0 - Chief E. Gray

E11-2, ET11, Su 11-0 on scene

E11-2, ET11, Su 11-0 on scene

Chief 11 with Command

Chief 11 with Command


Large Brush fire in Boonsboro

Saturday, March 15, 2014  On Saturday the weather was perfect and so were the conditions for brush/mountain fires. At 3:10 pm, units from Boonsboro were alerted for a small brush on Clevelandtown Rd in company 6's first due. Units from company 6 arrived to find a rapidly moving and wind driven brush fire. With the perfect conditions and rapid movement of the fire additional units were requested. Initial crews began an attempt to control the fire, but quickly realized the extent of the fire. Cleveland town Rd Command requested 3 Gators/ATV's and a Brush and Tanker Task Force. 

Back at station 11, numerous personnel began to prepare for deployment to the incident. By 4:00 pm, with the fire now extending into the mountain and endangering numerous homes, Command requested an additional Brush Task Force, Engine Companies and Tankers to assist. Assistant Chief 11 (Otzelberger), contacted Clevelandtown Rd Command and advised him that company 11 had been left off the 2nd alarm assignment and had multiple crews in station and available to assist. Cleveland Rd Command, asked company 11 to bring everything they could.

Personnel at station 11, loaded up Brush 11 w/ ATV 11 and Engine-Tanker 11 with 5 personnel and responded to the incident scene.  Additional company 11, called station 11 and advised they were en-route to the scene POV to provide additional staffing. While en-route, Command was advised of a rapid moving flank of the fire approaching numerous homes, Command advised company 11 units to report to Moser Rd and assist in controlling the fire spread and protection of multiple structures.

Engine-Tanker 11 arrived and immediately joined the Tanker Shuttle and began shuttling water from Thompson Gas at Rt40 & Rt67. Brush 11 unloaded ATV 11 and the trailer and both units proceeded into a large farm field and joined in the fire suppression operations with units from Funkstown VFC, Sharpesburg VFC, Jefferson VFC, Braddock Heights VFC, Wolfsville VFC.

The crew from Brush 11 and the lineman from Eng-Tanker 11 operated numerous hose lines for over 4 hours containing and extinguishing the Moser Rd side of the fire. During the operations, Engine-Tanker 11 brought 5 loads of water to the incident scene totaling 9,000 gallons of water. 

Shortly after 8:30, the fire was out and crews began the task of checking for remaining hot spots, dropping a few trees and picking up and packing up all the equipment. By 9pm, all units were in-service and began the trip back home.

This incident was handled by fire crews from 5 counties. Thankfully do to the quick response and hard work by the crews on scene, no structures were damaged and no injuries were reported during the incident.

Units on scene:


Company 11 units:

Brush 11 w/ ATV 11 ( Chief E. Gray, A/C R. Otzelberger )

Engine-Tanker 11 (Sgt. D. Warfield, Sgt. C Payne, Engineer B. Hunter)

8FP11-1 (H. Ingram)

POV response: (FF. B. Rorher & First Responder P. Perkins) 



Washington County:

Boonsboro: Br 6, E 61, 8FP63, E 81, E 84, Gator 8, Su 82, Ut 8, 8FP82 A/C 8

Boonsboro EMS: Medic 69-1, Gator 69, Chief 69

Sharpsburg: Br 1, E 1-4, ET 1, A/C 1

Funkstown: Br 10, E 10-5, Sup 10-1, Chief 10

Mount Aetna: E 16-2, Tanker 16, 8FP16-1, 8FP16-2

Leitersburg: Br 9

Long Meadow: Br 27

Halfway: E 264, 8FP26-2

Williamsport: E 24

City of Hagerstown: Ut 3, Su 3-2, Su 3-1

Smithsburg: Br 7, Eng-Tanker 7, 8FP7-4

Maugansville: Br 13

Community Rescue Co, Medic 753, Su 75-3

Special Ops: Gator 20

Air Unit 252

Rehab 255

Wash. Co Emergency Service: 1801, 1802, 1804, EMS 1820

Frederick County

Middletown: Br 7, Tanker 7, Res-Eng 74, Ut 7 w/ Wildland trailer

Jefferson: Br 205, RS 20, Chief 20, A/C 20

Wolfsville: Br 215, Br 216, E 212

Myersville: Br 85, E 82, Ut 8

Braddock Heights: Br 125, E 122

United: Br 35, Eng-Tanker 34, Ut 3 w/ Gator 3

Independent: Br 16, E12

Bruinswick: Br 55

Fort Detrick: Ut 50 w/ Gator 50

Libertytown: Ut 17

Carroll Manor (Point of Rocks): Br 285

Loudoun County, Va

Engine 616, Tanker 616

Jefferson County, WV

Bakerton: Br 7, Tanker 7, Chief 7

Independent: Br 4

Shepherdstown: Tanker 3

Franklin County, Pa

Waynesboro: Eng-Tanker 2

Rescue Hose Co.3: Engine-Tanker 3


Maryland State Police: Trooper 3

Brush 11

Brush 11

Co. 11 on scene (Br11, Atv 11, ET 11)

Co. 11 on scene (Br11, Atv 11, ET 11)



March 12, 2014 7:00 PM

March 12, 2014 7:00 PM

Sunday, March 2, 2014 



The Potomac Valley Fire Company is asking for all citizens served by the Potomac Valley Fire Company (Please see below)




When: Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Time: 7:00 Pm

Location: Potomac Valley Fire Station - Social Hall

                  2202 Dargan School Rd

We are asking all of our citizens to please attend this very important meeting as we work with local government officials to better ensure Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical coverage to our citizens and help our citizens understand what the PVFC is facing in the coming years and where we are heading. We would appreciate the support from our citizens that we serve and to hear your questions,comments and input on issues facing us. This important meeting directly effects you, our citizens and the communities in which we live and work. 

This meeting is not only for the citizens within our coverage area, but also those who live just outside of this area. 

If your within the bounders of the following, We ask that you please attend...

- Rt 340 @ the Washington / Frederick County Line - Rt 340 & the Potomac River

- Rt 67 (including Weverton Rd) from Rt 340 to the Pleasant Valley Elem. School

- Harper's Ferry Rd at Limekiln Rd

- Keep Tryst Rd at Rt 340

Any questions, Please contact

Chief Eric Gray





Saturday, March 1, 2014 



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