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Busy Stretch for Co. 11

Jan 14 - 18

Jan 14 - 18

Monday, January 26, 2015 

The New Year started fairly slow for the Potomac Valley Fire Company, but that soon changed. The action heated up from Jan. 14 – Jan 18 when the members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company responded to a dozen calls for service.

1/14 – 3:04 Pm – Aspen Dr. – Trouble Breathing

1/15 – 12:20 Am – Chestnut Grove Rd – Hemorrhage

- 12:38 Am – Ginseng Ln. – Abdominal Pains

  - 1:35 Am – Tree Top Ln. – Trouble Breathing

 - 2:15 Pm – Garretts Mill Rd – Chest Pains

- 4:19 Pm – Frog Eye Rd – Traumatic Injuries

- 6:11 Pm – Morgan Pine Rd – Stroke

1/16 – 7:40 Pm – Mt Lock Hill Rd – Medical Emergency

- 7:59 Pm – Kaetzel Rd (Co. 8) – House Fire

1/17 – 2:37 Pm – Arthur Ln. – Medical Emergency

1/18 – 9:14 am – Harper’s Ferry Rd – Back Pain

 - 4:37 – Arthur Ln. – Cardiac Arrest



Looking for something new in 2015?

Join Our Ranks Today

Join Our Ranks Today

Wednesday, January 7, 2015  Looking for something new in 2015? Want to make a difference? Looking to help your community? The Potomac Valley Fire Company, Inc. is actively recruiting both experienced and inexperienced individuals who wish to serve as a volunteer Firefighter, EMT, Administrative Support, Fund Raiser and more. As a member with the Potomac Valley Fire Company, Inc., you gain superior experience in the fire service by working with the members of the fire company, who have great pride in helping the community, by being the best we can be. It is also a very rewarding opportunity for anyone who is dedicated, hardworking, caring and compassionate. We are looking for individuals who have a desire and passion in their heart to give back to the community and to be a part of an organization that is a home away from home. As long as you have the desire, we will help you with the rest. Membership opportunities are available for First Responder, Firefighter, EMT, Special Operations - Equipment Driver/Operator , Boats, Rope , Trail and other Special Rescues. We are also looking for those who can assist with Administrative Duties, Fund Raising, Recruitment, Marketing & Promotions. Mechanical and much more… *Are you a former Member of the Potomac Valley Fire Company? Come on back, a lot has changed, and the future looks bright. We would love to have you back. Visit Us at www.PotomacValleyFire.Com - Call Us at 301-432-2130 or visit Us at 2202 Dargan School Rd, Sharpsburg , MD 21782 Feel free to stop by the station (Evenings are best time) to meet with our members, Take a tour of the station, and see how you can serve your community today.



Maryland LODD

RIP Captain/Paramedic Steciak

RIP Captain/Paramedic Steciak

Wednesday, January 7, 2015  The Potomac Valley Fire Company sends their Thoughts & Prayers to the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company & the West Friendship Volunteer Fire Department on their tragic loss yesterday of Captain / Paramedic Erik Steciak. Captain/Paramedic Steciak was killed in the Line of Duty yesterday while operating on the scene of an accident. Please keep Captain/Paramedic Steciak, His family and his fellow Fire/Rescue family in your thoughts & prayers as they work through this tragic event.



Big News Coming Soon



Sunday, January 4, 2015 

.....  Big News ..... Coming Soon .....

The members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company, never stop working on ways to better serve our community, the last half of 2014 and early on in 2015 is no different.  Some long hours have been put in by our dedicated members and some great new beginnings are coming to the PVFC over the next few months,  Stay tuned to www.PotomacValleyFire.Com  over the next few weeks....



First Due Shed Fire

Sunday, December 28, 2014  As the end of the year approaches, The Potomac Valley Fire Company is ending the year with a hot streak. At 3:28 pm on Sunday afternoon, Company 11 and neighboring companies were alerted for a Shed Fire in the 2200 Block of Back Rd in company 11's first due. Engine-Tanker 11 arrived shortly after dispatch to find a 15x15 shed well off with fire spreading into a heavily wooded area. Engine-Tanker 11's crew quickly stretched a hose line and cut the fire off before reaching the woods. Having the fire stopped before reaching the woods and a shed partially on the ground, Back Rd Command requested Engine Company 1 (Sharpsburg Fire) to continue in non-emergency and placed the remainder of the box in service. Crews from companies 11 & 1 made quick work of the fire, with Company 11 units remaining on the scene awaiting the arrival of FM 26. Units: Potomac Valley: Engine-Tanker 11, Support 11-0, Support 11-7 Sharpsburg Fire: Rescue-Engine 1-1 Maryland State Fire Marshals Office: FM 26




Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 25, 2014  The members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company would like to wish all of you a safe and Merry Christmas.



A different type of " Special Rescue "

Saturday, December 20, 2014 15:56 On Saturday afternoon the Washington County Emergency Communications Center paged out for the Company 11 Duty Officer to contact communications. Chief 11 (E. Gray), Called the Communications Supervisor and was advised of a "Special Rescue" in Company 11's First Due. There is a standing joke in the fire service about Cat's getting stuck in tree's and the fire dept. saving the day, today was no different. Chief 11 sent out a page for any member available to assist report to the station. Engine 11-1 with a crew of 3 arrived to find a cat 70Ft up in the tree. After a few minutes of trying to talk the cat down with the owner, the crew from Engine 11-1 hatched a plan. Using the Technical Rescue training that the members of company 11 have, a rope's and pulley system was soon in action. Having the tree tied off and the pulley system ready the tree was cut and lowered by the pulley system with the cat safely riding the tree down to the arms of a happy and grateful owner. Why just wait for the cat to come down, when you can use your training and a nice afternoon to use all that you have learned and maybe even a few new tricks you've been hiding up your sleeve? In the fire service it's not all fires and crushed cars, for the members of company 11, this was just another day in the valley.



Box 11-8

Friday, December 12, 2014  12:55 Hrs

Box 11-8 was sounded for a reported Farm House on fire across from the Pleasant Valley Elementary School on Rt 67 (Rohrersville Rd). EMS 1820 having just cleared a call was on Rt 67 in the area at the time of dispatch and arrived on scene within 2 minutes.  EMS 1820 arrived in the 1700 Block of Rohrersville Rd to find a 2 story early 1800's Farm House with smoke showing, the homeowners were out front and advised all occupants were out and accounted for. EMS 1820 requested a Tanker Task Force and the Safety Assignment. Lt 11 (Support 11-7) arrived minutes later and established Rohrersville Road Command.

Engine 11-2 (A/C Otzelberger) took the first in position, laying out 400 Ft of supply line from Rt 67 up the driveway and taking position on the  Alpha/,Bravo corner. Engine 11-2's crew along with EMS 1820 stretched a hose line through the front door where the crew encountered heavy fire conditions. Shortly after entering the structure Command advised heavy fire showing from first floor on the Delta Side, withing seconds the conditions throughout the structure rapidly changed causing the crew to make a quick exit.

With the crew out of the structure, Command advised of a defensive fire attack. Frederick Truck 5 arrived and positioned on the Alpha side of the structure beside E112 and prepared for Ladder Pipe operations once a Water Supply was established. Folding Tanks were dropped on Rt 67 at the entrance to the driveway. Tankers on the Tanker Task Force dropped their water into the Folding Tanks and proceeded to  Engine 11-1's Sandy Hook Rd where the Tankers would be filled from a fire hydrant. Due to the Continued issue's with the fire hydrants on Rt 67 and the Closure of the Brownsville Pond by the state, the hydrant on Sandy Hook Rd (5 miles away) was the closest water supply source. 

Crews on scene continued to operate numerous large lines, portable monitors and Truck 5's Ladder Pipe  to knock the bulk of the fire. Due to the age, construction and modifications to the Farm House, crews had to work through multiple layers of heavy timber adding to the difficulty reaching hiding fire and adding  to the rapid fire spread through out the void spaces between the multiple layers of the walls.

Crews operated for just under 2 hrs to control the fire, with extended overhaul operations to ensure the fire was out. Crews operated on scene for 6 hrs, knocking the fire, overhaul operations and assisting the State Fire Marshals Office with their investigation.

Thankfully there were no injuries to the occupants, but the initial fire attack crew (E11-2 & EMS 1820) suffered minor burns and were treated at a local medical facility. The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this time.

Being weeks away from Christmas, this fire is devastating to the family and has put a damper on the Christmas spirit. Currently the Potomac Valley Fire Company is working with closely with the family to ensure they have everything they need to get back on their feet and enjoy their Christmas. stay tuned to the Potomac Valley Fire Company website (www.PotomacValleyFire.Com) for information on ways to help the family. Thank you.

The Potomac Valley Fire Company would like to THANK the following Companies for assisting on the incident.

Boonsboro Fire Co 6/8, Boonsboro EMS 69, Sharpsburg Fire Co.1,

Sharpsburg EMS 19, Brunswick Fire Co.5, Jefferson Fire Co.20, Bakerton Fire Co.7,  Citizens Fire Co. 2, Middletown Fire Co. 7, Luckettsville Fire Co. 10, Lovettsville Fire Co. 12, Independent Hose Co. 1, Independent Fire Co. 4, Mt Aetna Fire Co 16, Clear Spring Fire Co. 4, Washington County Special Ops, Washington County Rehab 255 & Air Unit 251, Washington county Emergency Services EMS 1820, 1801, Safety 100, State Fire Marshals Office.

Special Thanks to Hagerstown City Engine 5 for filling in at station 11.



Why I choose to Volunteer

Volunteer Now

Volunteer Now

Friday, December 12, 2014  Here in Washington County, the Fire & Rescue Service is 80% Volunteer. Chances are when you call 911, those men & woman who show up are volunteers.

But what if you called 911 and no one showed up?

Thanks to those willing to VOLUNTEER, the citizens of Washington County our protected.

But over the years the number of those volunteering across the county has decreased, Washington County is not any different.

The Potomac Valley Fire Company is 100% and depends on those in our community to give their time to volunteer.

So, Why do people VOLUNTEER?

Here for yourself: http://youtu.be/3NElApXA-1g

The Potomac Valley Fire Company is always looking for those interested in serving the community.

There are positions for everyone: Firefighter, EMT, Paramedic, Fire-Police,  Administrative, Fund Raising and more...

To join the the Potomac Valley Fire Company or to learn more,

Click on the Join Today



Santa Breakfast

Sat. Dec 6, 2014

Sat. Dec 6, 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Santa is coming, Santa is coming, Santa is coming

The Potomac Valley Fire Company just received a special phone call from the North Pole. On Saturday December 6, Santa will be out conducting some final test ruins for his Christmas Eve journey and heard the hard working members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company will be holding one of their famous breakfasts.

Knowing these men and women and the great meals they put on, Santa has asked if he  can park his reindeer and sled inside our engine bay, while he meets the men and women of the PVFC and the amazing supporters who come out to support the fire companies fund raisers.

Santa will be bringing his list and checking it twice, seeing who's naughty and  who's nice.

Santa will be at the station from 7:30 - 11

come out and see Santa, enjoy some great food and support your local volunteer's.


Pancakes, Eggs, Sausage, Sausage Gravy, Coffee, Milk, Juice

Doors open at 7am



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