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Open House / Recruitment Day

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

10 Am - 5 Pm

Come out for a day of family fun at the Potomac Valley Fire Company.

*Meet our volunteers who serves the community, 24 Hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, When our community calls these are the Men & women who there.

* Take a tour of the Firehouse

*See how you can help your community by volunteering with the PVFC

and much more.



Garretts Mill Rd Brush Fire

Thursday, March 19, 2015 12:01 After the tragic events on Valley earlier in the day, the South County wasn't done with the PVFC. At 12:01 a call came into the Washington County Emergency Communications Center reporting a large brush fire endangering structures in the 19300 blk of Garretts Mill Rd.

EMS 1820 arrived on scene to find a large field fire rapidly spreading towards a structure and a heavily wooded area. Having limited access the larger apparatus were staged out on Garretts Mill Rd with their personnel and all brush trucks proceeding back. Crews were ale to quickly contain the fire spread keeping it from reaching any structures and the wood line. Crews worked for just under  an hour and a half to extinguish the fire.

Photos by FF. Rohrer (PVFC)

Photos by FF. Rohrer (PVFC)


Tragic Morning

Thursday, March 19, 2015  This morning shortly after 8am, Company 11, Co 8 (Boonsboro), EMS 1820 & Frederick Ambulance Co. 19 were alerted for a Possible Suicide in the 600 blk of Valley Rd in Company 11's first due. As additional information was obtained from a Washington County Sheriff on scene reporting multiple victims shot, Washington County Emergency Communications Center added additional resources to the call.

Despite a heroic effort by all companies involved all 3 shooting victims died from their injuries.

The members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company would like to send our thoughts & prayers to the family, friends and neighbors of those who were lost this morning and a thank you to all of the rescue crews involved in this incident.



Busy Stretch for Co. 11

Tuesday, March 17, 2015  So far the month of March has been keeping the members of company 11 with anything from the daily medical call to working fires to a fatal on the Appalachian Trail.

3/1/15 - 

12:27 Chest Pain,  Israel Ct  (Support 11-0)

12:38 Vehicle Accident on Rt 340 (Support 11-0, SU 11-7, E-112)

3/2//15 -

16:42 Building Fire, South Church St (Co. 1's First Due) (ET 11, Su 11-0, Su 11-7)

3/3/15 - 

02:07 Medical Emergency, Tree Top Dr (Su11-7)

05:47 House Fire,  Churchy Rd (Co 1's area) E11-2, ET11

08:06 Transfer, Station 1 (Sharpsburg) (E11-2)

3/4/15 -  12:57 Vehicle Accident, Rt 340 (Su 11-7, E11-2)

3/7/15 - 

8:31 Stroke, Mt Lock Hill Rd (Su 11-7)

17:34 Inside Investigation, Harper's Ferry Rd (Su 11-0, ET11, Br 11)

3/8/15 - 

20:01 House Fire, Trego Rd (Co. 8's area) (Su 11-7, E11-2, ET-11)

20:44 Medic Assist Chestnut Grover Rd, (ET11)

20:57 Auto Fire Trego Rd (Co. 8's area), (E11-2)

3/9/15 - 

13:14 Medic Assist, Chestnut Grover Rd (Su 11-7)

22:15 House Fire, Smith Rd (Co. 8's area), Su 11-7, ET-11)

3/10/15 - 

01:06 Building Fire, W. Main St (Co. 1's area) (E11-2)

18:53 Water Rescue, Potomac River (Ut-11 w Bt11, Su 11-1 w/Bt 11-1)

3/12/15 - 

01:52 Transfer Jefferson County station 1, (E11-2)

7:47 Vehicle Accident, Trego @ Chestnut Grove Rd

23:38 Transfer, Jefferson County Co. 1, (E11-2)

3/15/15 - 

09:15 Mountain Rescue, Appalachan Trail (Su 11-0, Ut11 w/ ATV 11)

3/16/15 - 

05:44 Medic Assist, Rt 340 @ Potomac River Bridge (Su 11-7)

15:19 Medic Assist, John Brown Ln (Su 11-0)

17:10 Medic Assist w/ Lift Assist, Chestnut Grover Rd (Su 11-0, E11-1)



Spring Forward = Change Batteries

Saturday, March 7, 2015 

Spring Forward and don't forget to change the batteries in your Smoke Alarms and CO Detectors.



Trauma Pt & Thank you letter

Tuesday, February 10, 2015  Saturday morning as our first breakfast fund raiser of 2015 was coming to an end,  Company 11 personnel were alerted by an neighbor of an injured person with traumatic injuries across from the station. As further information was passed on, D/C 11 advised Washington County Communications of a possible Amputation across from station 11. Crews from Company 11, 19 (Sharpsburg EMS) & EMS 1820 (Wash. Co Emergency Service) arrived to find a patient with life threatening injuries from a chainsaw accident. Crews  Thankfully do to the quick actions of those on scene and at the treatment at the hospital, the patient is recovering from the injuries suffered.

The Potomac Valley Fire Company sends our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery to not only our patient, but to a great neighbor and part of our small and tight knit  community of ours. Below is a letter that we received today.

" I have to give another shout out to the Potomac Valley Fire Co. and the Sharpsburg Area EMS. The surgeons at Union Memorial in Balt. told us that due to the artery damage I had this was a life threatening situation and the first responders "COULD NOT HAVE DONE A BETTER JOB" of stabilizing my condition. These words came from one of the top hand centers in the world. You men and women from Dargan Maryland, and Sharpsburg Md. should be proud of each other and all us citizens around you should be proud of you and appreciate all you do. To everyone who may read this, I have to let you know that these great people are all VOLUNTEERS ... Their hard work and dedication comes from the heart! I encourage everyone to take a look at your local departments and donate or pitch in where or when you can, even if it's just attending some of the fundraisers from time to time. Your life can change in a second, and I can tell you without a doubt who'll be there when you need them. GOD BLESS the men and women who give their time and life to pubic service! "



Job Announcement

Thursday, February 5, 2015    Job Announcement

Part-Time Paid Apparatus Operator/Firefighter

The Potomac Valley Fire Company, Inc is seeking qualified applicants to fill several part-time Operator/Firefighter positions.


Minimum Requirements:

·         High School Graduate or Equivalent

·         Valid Maryland Class B Commercial or Non-Commercial drivers license or other state equivalent

·         Three years experience driving a Class “A” Fire Apparatus (Pumper)

·         Copy of  “Full-Term” driving record from the Motor Vehicle Administration

·         Emergency Vehicle Operator Course

·         MFRI Pump Operator

·         MFRI or Pro Board Firefighter I

·         MFRI or Pro Board Hazardous Materials Operations

·         Current MFRI First Responder

·         Current CPR / AED Certification

·         Skills and abilities to operate and maintain firefighting apparatus and equipment

·         Preferred qualifications: FF II, EMT, Swift Water Rescue, Fire Officer I, II, Rescue Tech


Candidates must be able to pass:

·         A background check

·         Washington County physical

·         Drug and alcohol test


Duty Schedule:

Operators will be scheduled for weekly coverage:

Monday – Friday

08:00 – 16:00 Hours (Except holidays)

Additional scheduling opportunities may become available  

(Severe Weather, Decreased Volunteer staffing, Events, etc)


 Duties to include:

·         Response to emergency calls

·         Equipment and apparatus maintenance

·         Station duties

·         Pre-emergency analysis

·         Fire prevention details

·         Record keeping and data entry

·         Other duties as assigned



Duty Location:

Potomac Valley Fire Company      

2202 Dargan School Rd.

Sharpsburg, MD. 21782



Open to all qualified applicants except current members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company.



                Paid workman’s comp

Partial uniforms provided

No other benefits are offered with this position



            Starting at $10.00 – 12.00 Hr. (Based on Qualifications)


Start date:

Expected to start coverage in March 1, 2015


What to File:

Applicant should submit a resume and required additional supporting documentation / training certifications. Filing deadline is February 20, 2015.



How to apply:

           Please send resume and package via U.S mail to:

Paid Driver/Firefighter

Potomac Valley Fire Company, Inc.

2202 Dargan School Rd

Sharpsburg, MD 21782









An equal opportunity employer:

Potomac Valley Fire Company, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does not condone or tolerate discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national orgin, age, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation.














Welcome to the PVFC

Wednesday, February 4, 2015  During the Monthly meeting for January, we received two applications for membership. Both of these applicants come to the PVFC with prior Fire & Rescue experience. The Potomac Valley Fire Company would like to welcome to our company: Chris Myers Chris Ellis The Potomac Valley Fire Company is always looking for those who would like to serve as either an Administrative, Support or as a responding member. No training or experience required. What are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY Contact or stop by our station today and see what your missing out on.



Icy River Rescue

Photo by : Capt. Warfield, PVFC

Photo by : Capt. Warfield, PVFC

Saturday, January 31, 2015  On Saturday afternoon with temps in the 20's and gusty winds making the outside temperature in the teens, Company 11 and surrounding companies were alerted for a River Rescue on the Potomac River.

As units hit the road, Communications advised Chief 11 of a victim reportedly clinging to a rock just north of the Route 340 bridge.  Chief 11 arrived in the area to find a single victim sitting on a rock between the two Rt 340 bridge crossings and established the "Potomac River Command". Boat 11-1 launched and proceeded up river battling the frigid air and water temps. Due to the extreme temps and the condition of the victim, Chief 11 advised units of a switch to due a rapid  extrication of the patient by Trooper 3's hoist.

Boat 11-1 staged just down stream of the rock as a safety, while Trooper 3 was over head and in position to hoist. Due to the conditions being faced, Boats 19 (Frederick) & 20 (Wash. Co Special Ops) launched to support Boat 11-1 as a safety for both the hoist operation as well as for the safety of the crews operating on the water. Engine 11-1 (Driver Only) and Engine 84 responded to the intersection of Keep Tryst Rd & Sandy Hook Rd to set up an LZ for Trooper 3. A rapid hoist operation was conducted by Trooper 3, with the victim on board  Trooper 3 headed to the LZ to complete the hoist operation. Once the hoist was completed the victim was then transported by Trooper 3 to Frederick memorial Hospital with a priority 1 hypothermia patient.

Once all boats were safely on shore,  Command was terminated and units began to go in service.

This incident shows the conditions that the members of the Fire & Rescue Service face daily and how unforgiving the Potomac River can be, specially when the temperatures are near or below freezing. Hypothermia can happen in a matter of seconds. Please use extreme caution when out on the river and don't take the increased risk when the temps are at or near the freezing level.

Thank you to all those who assisted on this incident and a special THANK You to the Maryland State Police Aviation Division and crew of Trooper 3.



Fill in for Co, 6/8

Congratulation Co. 6 & 8

Congratulation Co. 6 & 8

Saturday, January 31, 2015  On Saturday evening 4 members of company 11 headed over to Boonsboro to provide coverage for our neighbors while the members of Boonsboro Companies 6 & 8 attended their Annual Banquet.

Congratulations to the First Hose Company of Boonsboro on their 185th Anniversary.



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