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50th Anniversary

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016 

On Saturday September, 24 2016 the Potomac Valley Fire Company will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary. Come join us and help us celebrate 50 years of service to the citizens of Washington County.



Helping our Brother's/Sisters in Great CaCapon WV

Saturday, July 9, 2016  On Tuesday July 5Th the Great CaCapon Fire Department in Morgan County West Virginia suffered a devastating fire that destroyed the fire station and most of the companies apparatus. Over the next few hours Departments from around the Tri-state area (WV, MD PA, VA) set in place plans to help the Great CaCapon Fire Dept get back on their feet and serving their community.

On Saturday July 9th, personnel from Potomac Valley loaded up on Engine 11-2 and headed west to Great CaCapon WV. Crews from around the area had been rotating in and out of Great CaCapon on 12 hour shifts providing fire & emergency service to the citizens of Great CaCapon while their fire department members and the community shifted through the ashes of what was once their fire station.

At 18:00 Hrs, Engine 11-2 arrived in Great CaCapon to relieve Engine 2 from the City of Hagerstown and Rescue-Engine 40 from the Beddington VFD in Berkeley County WV. Over the next few hours the members of Potomac Valley & the Great CaCapon Fire Dept worked side by side to serve the citizens of Great CaCapon. During the 12 hours shift company 11 and Company 2 (Great CaCapon) responded to one call for service.

The Potomac Valley Fire Company would like to thank Chief Grimley and the members of the Great CaCapon VFD along wih the citizens of Great CaCapon for their great hospitality. For a department suffering such a great loss just days earlier you couldn't of asked for such a great group of people who went out of their way to make the fill in crews comfortable. T Engine 11-2's crew was welcomed with friendly smiles open arms, home cooked meal and came home with a new group of Friends. We wish the Great Cacapon Fire Department the best of luck during this trying time and if there is anything you need, please let us know. 



Congratulations Ms. Smallwood

Ms. Smallwood with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

Ms. Smallwood with Maryland Governor
      Larry Hogan

Saturday, June 18, 2016  Congratulations to Potomac Valley's very own Ms. Sierra Smallwood for being crowned the 2016 MSFA Miss Fire Prevention at the 2016 Maryland State Fireman's Association convention in Ocean City MD.



The River Rescue's Continue

Tuesday, June 7, 2016  On Tuesday morning company 11 was alerted for yet another River Rescue on the Potomac River between the Train Bridge & the Route 340 Bridge. Initial reports were of multiple people in the water. Support 11-1 w/ Bt 11-1 & Brush 11 w/ Bt 11 responded with 5 personnel. 

As units from company 11 headed down the Towpath toward the boat launch point, EMS 1812 positioned on the Route 340 to provide a good visual of the river. Just prior to the boat launch point, units from company 11 were flagged down on the Towpath by 1 of the patients who had self extricated from the river. At that point crews could also see the remaining two patients still in the middle of the river.

Having both boats preparing to launch, EMS 1812 advised 1 patient was struggling hold onto a rock with 1 kayak now going down stream. Boat 11-1 launched and proceeded up stream towards the stranded patient, Boat 11 prepared to launch and back-up boat 11 up stream. As Boat 11 launched, Boat 11-1 advised they had 1 patient on board and were repositioning to pick the 2ND patient from the rocks. Based on that report Boat 11 broke of the support operation and proceeded over to the last know location of the broken loose kayak.

Boat 11-1 safely removed both patients and proceeded back down stream and advised Boat 11 that all patients were accounted for. Boat 11 was able to quickly locate the kayak and meet up with  Boat 11-1 where both Boats returned to the boat launch. All 3 patients were evaluated by EMS and refused assistance. Having all patients & both Boats safely on shore, all units were placed in service.



Dangerous River Levels leads to Fatal

Monday, June 6, 2016 

 On Monday evening Company 11 was alerted to assist Jefferson County West Virginia on the Shenandoah River in Harper’s Ferry. Reports from the scene advised multiple people in the water.

Boat 11-1 entered from Shoreline Drive in Harper’s Ferry and proceeded upstream to the area of Bull Falls. Upon Arrival Trooper 3 (Maryland State Police) was in the process of removing one child from the water via Hoist Operation. Once the first patient was safely into the helicopter (Trooper 3), Boat 11-1 pulled into position and safely removed the 3 remaining patients from the water, during removal of these patients from the water Boat 11-1 was advised of another patient who was last seen under the water just up stream heavy rapids. Boat 11-1 quickly headed towards the shoreline to unload the 3 patients onboard and then proceeded back to the last known location of patient #5. Once back in the area Boat 11-1 found person #5 unfortunately deceased and heavily submerged under water. The crew on Boat 11-1 after a few minutes of battling extremely rough river condition was able to free the victim. Along with Jefferson Boat 7-2 (Bakerton Fire Company) the victim was brought to shore.


This incident is a strong reminder to everyone that the Potomac & Shenandoah River are not something to be taken lightly, especially when the river is high or flooding just like on this tragic day.


To ensure your safety while out enjoying the river this summer,



     *  Wear a life Jacket at all times (Both while on the river and

         standing along the shoreline.


*  Do Not enter the river when during or for a few days after heavy

    rains or when the river levels are high/Flooding… Hint, if the  

    water is muddy or brown, that is a great indication of high water,

    flooding or dangerous water conditions.


*  Swimming in the Potomac River is prohibited (year round)



Members Honored for Save

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 

On Sunday February 28, 2016 a phone call came into the Washington County Emergency Communications Center reporting a possible “Working Code” on the C&O Towpath in the area of mile marker 65 (Dargan Boat Ramp). Company 11 (Potomac Valley Fire Company), Medic 19-2 (Sharpsburg EMS), EMS 1812 (Washington County Emergency Services) were alerted for the call. Support 11-0 (Chief E. Gray) & Utility 11 arrived first to find the patient in full Cardiac Arrest and bystanders providing CPR. Personnel from company 11 took over patient care and continued CPR, within minutes the crew had regained a pulse and the patient was breathing on his own. The patient was transported to a local hospital by Medic 19-2 with EMS 1812 onboard. Eight days after being wheeled into the hospital as a “post code”, the patient walked out of the hospital.

On Tuesday May 31, 2016 during the monthly membership meeting of the Potomac Valley Fire Company, both the bystanders and the responders from company 11 were greeted by the patient who’s life they saved along with his wife. During the membership meeting, plaques were presented to both the crew from the Potomac Valley Fire Company and to the bystanders for their life saving actions on that Sunday afternoon. After the presentation, Chief Gray gave a tour of the station and personnel from station 11 got to spend some time with our guest.

The events of that February day is one that is not to common, to suffer Sudden Cardiac Arrest outside of the hospital setting the chances of survival is 40%. To suffer Sudden Cardiac Arrest in a setting rural areas or hard to access areas such as along the C&O towpath, the chance of survival is 10%. For the patient suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest to walk out of the hospital is 1%. Thanks to the quick actions of those bystanders who stopped to help & the outstanding work provided by the members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company a life was saved. Not only is this a rare occurrence but to have the chance to meet the patient after their recovery and those who assisted with those lifesaving measures are even more rare. 

                             We would like to thank the following personnel:


         Support 11-0                                                  Support 11-7

        Chief Eric Gray                                            Captain Arnold Martin

            Utility 11                                                             POV

      Sgt. Chip Warfield                                          FF Clarence Webber

         FF. R.J Davis                                                     Medic 19-2

         FF. Harry Burns                                            Medic Josh Eisenhower       

                                                            Medic 19-2

                                                         Medic Brett Kile

                                                         Medic Jeff Martin


Chief Eric Gray

Chief Eric Gray


High Angle Rescue

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 

On Tuesday afternoon @ 13:45 Hrs (1:45 PM) Company 11 was alerted for a possible High Angle Rescue on Sandy Hook Rd in the are of the School Bus Turnaround. The caller advised someone had fallen down the side of the mountain (Maryland Heights) while climbing, possible in the area of “Balcony Rock”.

 Supports 11-0 (Chief E. Gray) & Support 11-7 (A/C J. Martin) arrived in the area of the train tunnel, Both Chief Gray & A/C Martin proceeded on foot up a step incline when they encountered a friend of the patient. Based on the information relayed from the patient’s friend, all units were to proceed to Supports 11-0 & 11-7’s location where Sandy Hook Rd Command was established. Once additional crews were on location, a crew of 8 personnel gathered additional EMS & Rope Rescue equipment and proceeded up the mountain. Crews had to over come extremely treacherous conditions (steep grade & rough terrain) to reach the patients location (approximately 400 yards).

 Once Crews reached the patient and a rapid patient assessment was conducted, the patient was declared a trauma and Engine 11-2 was released from the staging area on Sandy Hook Rd and reported to the intersection of Sandy Hook Rd & Keep Tryst Rd to establish a Landing Zone for Maryland State Police Trooper 3.  After further evaluation additional personnel were requested to proceed up the mountain and assist with setting up rigging and a belay to extricate the patient 300’ feet down and off the face of the mountain. Crews operated on scene for a little over two hours to package & extricate the patient from the mountain. Once out of the mountain, the patient was then taken by Jefferson County Ambulance 1-2 to the Landing Zone where the patient was then taken by air in Trooper 3 to Shock Trauma in Baltimore.


 Company 11 Units:

Support 11-0, Support 11-7, Utility 11 w/ATV 11, Brush 11 Engine 11-2, 8FP11-1

 Thank you to our Mutual Aid companies who assisted on this incident:

Engine 84, Gator 8 D/C 8 (Boonsboro Fire – Rohresville station)

Rescue Squad 20 (Special Operations Division), EMS 1812, 1803,1805 and Rehab Unit 255 (Washington Co Emergency Services)

Rescue Squad 20 (Frederick County MD - Jefferson Station)

Ambulance 197 (Frederick County MD – Brunswick VRS)

Ambulance 1-2 (Jefferson County, WV – Harper’s Ferry Station)

*Special Thanks to the Bakerton Fire Co. Engine 7-1 for filling in at station 11 while we operated on this incident.






Live Burn @ HFD Training center

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 

On Wednesday morning personnel from Company 11 along with personnel from the Veterans Affairs Fire Dept. in Martinsburg gathered at the Hagerstown Fire Dept. Training Center to conduct some live fire exercises. During the next few hours personnel worked on Hose Management, Fire Extinguishment, Search & Rescue and Pump Ops.

Having a successful volunteer recruitment program, not only did this day provide a refresher for active PVFC members but also gave the new members a chance to experience the ins and outs of the job and prepare them for the training many of them are about to begin. We would like to thank the HFD for allowing us to use their burn building, Washington County Air Unit for bringing over Air 251 to fill bottles and the VA Center for providing lunch.



Hawks Hill Box Alarm

Thursday, May 5, 2016 

On Thursday morning at 6:34 A.M, Company 11 and surrounding companies were alerted for a reported House Fire in the Hawks Hill neighborhood. Moments after dispatch, Company 11 had 3 units on the road (Support 11-0 (Chief E. Gray), Engine 11-2 (D/C Otzelberger Jr.), Engine-Tanker 11 (FF Hunter).

Chief 11 arrived on scene to find a single story log cabin with nothing evident and the homeowner out in the yard. Engine 11-2 & Engine-Tanker 11 arrived moments later with Engine 11-2 proceeding up the dirt driveway with Engine-Tanker 11 staging at the entrance to the driveway to supply Engine 11-2.  Chief 11 advised of a possible fire in the bathroom and established Hawks Hill Rd Command. The crew from Engine 11-2 entered the structure to find very light smoke and a small smoldering fire in an exhaust fan. Crews quickly controlled the power, extinguished the fire and checked for extension. Having the fire out and no extension “Hawks Hill Rd Command” held the units currently on the scene (Support 11-0, Engine 11-2, Engine-Tanker 11 & EMS 18132). All other units could return to service.

During the incident, it was discovered that there were no working smoke detectors and missing smoke detectors in the home. Personnel from company 11 took a smoke detector off of Engine 11-2 and installed it for the homeowner. The homeowner was advised to contact an electrician to check the power to the bathroom and also to purchase some new 10-year smoke detectors.

*This is a reminder to everyone to please check your smoke detectors, replace batteries during these checks and if your detector is more than 6 years old, please replace them with the new 10-year smoke detectors.



Support 1-0, Engine 11-2, Engine-Tanker 11



Luxary Purse Bingo

Sat. Oct. 15th, 2016

Sat. Oct. 15th, 2016

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