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Large Brush Fire in Co. 1's Area

Friday, February 24, 2017  Short after 5pm tonight, Company 11 (Brush 11, Engine-Tanker 11, Utility 11 w/ ATV 11) were alerted to assist Company 1 (Sharpsburg) with a large brush fire in the 18100 Block of Horseshoe Bend Rd. Deputy Chief 1 first arriving on scene found a large (2 acre) field/woods fire rapidly spreading and requested a "Brush Task Force".  Crews from Companies 1, 11, 8, 6, 12, Jefferson County WV 3 & 7 worked for just under an hour to control the fire, with units remaining on scene for an additional hour to hit remaining "Hotspots". 



Fire/Rescue Recruitment Day - Boonsboro H.S

Wednesday, February 22, 2017  Today members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company joined the Washington County Fire/Rescue Association Recruitment Division and Representatives from the Boonsboro Fire Company & Sharpsburg Area EMS at Boonsboro High School for a day of Recruitment.

If interested in joining the Potomac Valley Fire Company please click on the JOIN TODAY link of the Potomac Valley Fire Company website or stop by the station Tuesday evenings at 7pm. We are always looking for new members to not only assist in responding to emergency calls, but to all so help in day to day Administrative duties, Fund Raising and many other areas.



1st River Rescue of the Year

Sunday, February 19, 2017  This afternoon at 16:12 (4:12PM) Company 11 and surrounding units were dispatched for a River Rescue on the Potomac River between the Route 340 Bridge and the Train Overpass. The callers advised a Red Kayak was overturned and pinned up against the rocks near the Maryland Shoreline.  Support 11-1 entered the Towpath to access the 340 boat launch. Boats from Frederick (Brunswick Ambulance Co.) reported to the Weverton Boat Launch and Jefferson County Boat 7 reporting to the "Point" in Harper's Ferry and prepared to launch, the remaining units reported to the Diner and staged. After a search of the area and further information obtained, the search was called off and units were placed in service. 

After meeting with DNR (Maryland Natural Resources Police)  both Boats 11 & 11-1 launched with 4 personnel on board to attempted to retrieve the Kayak from the rocks. After numerous attempts  to retrieve the Kayak, the retrieval attempts were called off due to dark. Units (Boats 11 & 11-1 ) returned on Tuesday afternoon and successfully retrieved the Kayak. The Kayak was turned over to DNR for continued investigation.

Company 11 Units: Support 11-1 w/Bt 11-1, Brush 11 w/ Bt 11, Engine 11-2, Support 11-0, Support 11-7



Busy Saturday Continues

Saturday, February 18, 2017 14:06 After an early morning Structure Fire, Noon EMS call company 11 was alerted for a Brush Fire on Harper's Ferry Rd. Brush 11, Engine-Tanker 11, Support 11-0 (Chief 11) responded. Chief 11 & D/C 11 arrived to find a fast moving 1/2 acre field fire. Brush 11 accessed the field where two lines were pulled (Booster line & Forestry line) to stop the spread of the fire. Quick work by crews on scene keep the rapid fire spread from reaching the hillside leading into the mountain. Crews operated on scene for am hour to extinguish the fire and hitting remaining Hot Spots.



Co. 11 Clears House on Working Fire

Saturday, February 18, 2017 05:53 At 05:53 this morning the Washington County Emergency Communications Center started receiving calls for a House fire on Red Hill Rd in the Keedysville area of the County (Sharpsburg Fire Co. 1's First Due area). Chief 6 (Griffith) arrived to find  a 2-story single family house fully involved with numerous spot fires in the wooded area surrounding the house. Due to the area being in a heavily wooded area with numerous spot fires, Command requested a Brush Fire assignment. Initial crews were split into two crew and operations, 1 crew began and made a quick knock on the structure fire while the second crew worked to contain and extinguish the Brush fires. All fire (Structure & Wooods) were extingushed within 20 minutes, with crews continuing to mop up hot spots for an additional 2 hours.

Company 11 responded with Engine 11-2, Engine-Tanker 11, Brush 11 w/ ATV 11, Support 11-0 (Chief 11). * Support 11-7 diverted to station 11 while en-route to get Brush 11 out.

Thank you to Loudoun County Engine 626 for Filling in at Station 11

Engine 11-2 approching the scene

Engine 11-2 approching the scene


3rd Working Fire in the last 5 Days

Tuesday, February 7, 2017  At 0:50 A.m (12:50 A.m) Tuesday morning Engine-Tanker 11 was requested to assist Jefferson County units on a working Barn Fire on Persimmon Lane in Shepherdstown WV. The crew from ET-11 operated on scene  for a little over 2 hours before being placed in-service by Command. This was the 3rd working fire that Company 11 has responded and operated in the last 5 days, 2 in Jefferson County WV and the other in Frederick County MD.



Famous PVFC Breakfast

Sat, Feb 4, 2017

Sat, Feb 4, 2017

Saturday, February 4, 2017 

Famous Potomac Valley Fire Company Breakfast



Co. 11 Takes in 2nd Fire in 24 Hrs

Friday, February 3, 2017  Today shortly after 11:30 A.m company 11 was alerted to assist on a working fire in Brunswick (Frederick County Box 5-1). Units from Frederick company 5 arrived to find a barn and several vehicles on fire. Upon arrival Deputy Chief 5 (on Engine 51) established command and requested the Safety Assignment. Engine 11-2 with a crew of 3 responded on the Safety Assignment. Once on scene the crew from Engine 11-2 and additional units from the Safety Assignment were staged at the Command Post and awaited further instructions. Initial Alarm units using numerous handlines and a Blitz Fire made a quick knock on the fire. An hour into the incident, with the bulk of the fire knocked Command released the Safety Assignment and Engine 11-2 was placed in-service.   



Engine-Tanker takes in working fire

Crew from ET 11 operating on the scene

Crew from ET 11 operating on the scene

Thursday, February 2, 2017   This afternoon Engine-Tanker 11 with 3 personnel responded to assist Jefferson County WV units on the scene of a working structure fire in the Kearneysville area. 



Public Service Announcement For Motorist

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 

Public Service Announcement to all motorists...

Recently, there have been numerous accounts of motorists following too closely behind our fire apparatus. Fire apparatus, Ambulances and other emergency service vehicles can slow or stop without warning while looking for addresses, determining apparatus positioning, awaiting assignments as well as a host of other reasons.
There have also been incidents recently where vehicles have driven over our fire hose.

We are very tolerant and strive to create a safe environment for ourselves, the public and bystanders when we arrive on an incident scene. Our job is difficult during emergencies along the roadway due to distracted driving and the effect of emergency lights on the motorist. Our top priority is the safety of our responders, patients and the community. We take these things into account when deciding to shut down roadways and divert traffic.

Following too closely is dangerous and against the law. Please, stay back, stay safe and follow directions. Don't allow yourself to become fixated on the lights and practice situational awareness. If you are permitted to pass, do so slowly and be aware of your surroundings.

We ask this for our safety as well as yours...

2013 Maryland Code
§ 21-1109 - Following fire apparatus prohibited; passing parking or backing emergency vehicles prohibited

Universal Citation: MD Transp Code § 21-1109 (2013)
(a) Unless he is on official business, the driver of a vehicle may not:
(1) Follow within 500 feet of any fire apparatus traveling in response to a fire alarm; or
(2) Drive or park within 300 feet of any fire apparatus stopped in response to a fire alarm.
(b) The driver of a vehicle may not pass an emergency vehicle within 100 feet of an entrance ramp of a fire or rescue station when the emergency vehicle is in the process of parking or backing.

2013 Maryland Code
§ 21-1110 - Crossing fire hose

Universal Citation: MD Transp Code § 21-1110 (2013)
Unless he has the consent of the fire department official in command, the driver of a vehicle may not drive over any unprotected hose of a fire department that is laid down on any highway or private driveway.



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