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Town of Boonsboro Memorial Day

Sunday, May 28, 2017  On Sunday afternoon, Company 11 attended the Town of Boonsboro Memorial Day Parade with Support 11-7, Brush 11w/ Bt 11 and Engine 11-2. Unfortunately halfway through the parade a heavy rain storm arrived and washed out the back half of the parade. We would like to THANK the Parade Committee for all of their hard work and to everyone who stayed and watched the remainder of the parade in the rain.  



Stand by for the East Coast Pullers Tractor Pull

Saturday, May 27, 2017 17:00 Saturday evening Brush 11 assisted Company 12 (Community Vol. Fire Company) at the Washington County AG Center for the East Coast Pullers Tractor Pull.  We would like to THANK  Company 12 for the invite. Brush 11 stood by during the event until a little after midnight handling 1 minor incident.

Brush 11 with Tanker 12

Brush 11 with Tanker 12


Memorial Day Parade - Town of Sharpsburg

Saturday, May 27, 2017 10:00 Am On Saturday morning the crew from Company 11 staffing Support 11-7 & Engine 11-2 headed over to the Annual Town of Sharpsburg Memorial Day Parade. The members of Company 11 would like to THANK the Town of Sharpsburg and the Parade Committee for all their hard work that went into putting on another great Memorial Day Parade. The Members of Company 11 would also like to send out a special THANK YOU to the Benner Family for having our members over for their Memorial Day Picnic.



Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, May 27, 2017   



2017 Volunteer Challenge

Wednesday, April 26, 2017  Come out and enjoy the 2017 Volunteer Challenge 

Saturday,  May 6

Valley Mall - Hagerstown MD

Come out and enjoy a day supporting your local volunteer Fire and Rescue Companies, leaen about volunteer opportunities,  cheer on your local volunteers during the Firefighter Challenge, Meet your local Volunteers and more.....



Co. 11 responds to 2 Alarm Fire

Monday, April 24, 2017 

Shortly after 10:30 P.M our Mutual Aid partners in Frederick County MD (Brunswick) were responding to a reported Structure Fire on W. Potomac St in Brunswick. Having units en-route the call was quickly upgraded to a Working Fire with possible people trapped. A Working fire dispatch was immediately dispatched quickly followed by the 2nd Alarm. Engine Company 11 was alerted for the 2nd Alarm bring Engine 11-2 with 5 personnel while a second crew remained in the station to handle any additional calls for service.   

Engine 11-2 and additional units alerted on the 2nd Alarm arrived on scene and staged in front of Rescue Company 19 and awaited an assignment. Crews alerted on the First Alarm made an quick and aggressive fire attack and search of the structure for the reported trapped occupants. Having a quick knock of the fire, Command held the 1st Alarm units and the Working Fire Assignment units to conduct overhaul and assist the Fire Marshals with their investigation. Engine 11-2 returned to service at 11:30 PM.



Warm Easter Day Brings start to River Rescue Season

Sunday, April 16, 2017 

Easter Sunday with temps in the 80's brought crowds of people out to enjoy the Appalachian Trails, the Towpath and a few tempted the Potomac River. Shortly before 10 PM Sunday night a call came in reporting 3 people stranded on the Potomac River in the area of "Bass Rock".

Boats from company 11 (Potomac Valley) reported to the South 340 launch point and prepared to launch, boats from Bakerton company 7 prepared to launch from the "Point" in Harper's Ferry WV and crews from company 8 (Boonsboro) proceeded to the West Virginia side of the Potomac in the area of "Bass Rock" and accessed the river by trail to get a vantage point. 

Having confirmation of the location both Boats from Company 11 & 7 launched and headed towards "Bass Rock".  Three occupants were found on the rocks and were retrieved by boats from company 11 & 7. All three refused medical treatment and were transported by boats to the "Point" in Harper's Ferry.



Work Detail on the Appalachian Trail

Saturday, March 4, 2017  This morning crews from both the Potomac Valley Fire Company (Company 11) and the First Hose Company of Boonsboro (Company 6 & 8) in a joint effort to better improve access to areas of the Appalachian Trail. Crews worked for a few hours on both the new access point off of Miller Ave and also on the access point off of Weverton Rd. During the day crews installed a gate off of Miller Ave, trimmed back trees to ensured both access trails leading to the Appalachian Trail were accessible by emergency equipment (Emergency Vehicles & ATV's). During the day crews also took time to review and update the response assignment, staging locations and emergency access for certain emergency units. 

We would also like to THANK Himes Store for allowing us to park some of our emergency apparatus in their side parking lot as well as providing crews with Lunch.



Large Brush Fire in Co. 1's Area

Friday, February 24, 2017  Short after 5pm tonight, Company 11 (Brush 11, Engine-Tanker 11, Utility 11 w/ ATV 11) were alerted to assist Company 1 (Sharpsburg) with a large brush fire in the 18100 Block of Horseshoe Bend Rd. Deputy Chief 1 first arriving on scene found a large (2 acre) field/woods fire rapidly spreading and requested a "Brush Task Force".  Crews from Companies 1, 11, 8, 6, 12, Jefferson County WV 3 & 7 worked for just under an hour to control the fire, with units remaining on scene for an additional hour to hit remaining "Hotspots". 



Fire/Rescue Recruitment Day - Boonsboro H.S

Wednesday, February 22, 2017  Today members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company joined the Washington County Fire/Rescue Association Recruitment Division and Representatives from the Boonsboro Fire Company & Sharpsburg Area EMS at Boonsboro High School for a day of Recruitment.

If interested in joining the Potomac Valley Fire Company please click on the JOIN TODAY link of the Potomac Valley Fire Company website or stop by the station Tuesday evenings at 7pm. We are always looking for new members to not only assist in responding to emergency calls, but to all so help in day to day Administrative duties, Fund Raising and many other areas.



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