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Santa Breakfast

Saturday, Dec 5th

Saturday, Dec 5th

Monday, November 16, 2015 

Come out on Saturday morning and enjoy our Famous breakfast and meet Santa.



Fall Gun Bonanza

Sunday, November 22, 2015   We would like to thank everyone who attended & supported our Fall Gun Bonanza last night. Thank you for supporting the Potomac Valley Fire Company and helping to make this years event a huge success. The Potomac Valley Fire Company's Gun Bonanza's (Spring & Fall) is the fire companies biggest fund raisers held all year. Without the support & dedication shown by all of you, the Potomac Valley Fire Company would not be able to afford to the equipment necessary to provide the services we do to ensure the safety of our community and communities throughout the tri-state area. The funds raised during this event & our 3 dozen other fund raisers (Breakfast, Pot Pie Dinners, Bingo's, 12 Days of Christmas Raffle, etc.) throughout the year help the fire company purchase much needed equipment (Personal Protective Equipment) / Turnout gear, Hose, River & Mountain Rescue Equipment) and purchase & maintain our Fire & Rescue Apparatus (Trucks) and more.

A special THANK YOU to the members of the

Funkstown Vol. Fire Company

for filling in at station 11 so our members could set up, work and clean up from this event.

THANK YOU to all the dedicated & hardworking members at Potomac Valley for your hard work preparing & working the Gun Bonanza, It was a long week but thanks to the hard work this years Fall Bonanza was a huge success. Thank you.



Salute to our Veterans

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 

Salute our Veterans

On this Veterans Day we would like to THANK all who have served in the Armed Forces. Many of our very own Potomac Valley Fire Company personnel have served over the years as members of military and many of our members also have family who are currently serving or have served to defend our country and give us the safety & security to enjoy all that we have.

Today and everyday the members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company Thank You & support you and all that you do. We send our THANK YOU out to all of you who have served or are currently serving, Thank you for your Courage, Dedication, Pride.

We would also like to take a moment to Salute those who made the supreme sacrifice, May we never forget you and the sacrifice in which you made defending us. We ask that everyone takes a moment today to remember those who we have lost.

We also ask that while going about your day today, that you take a second to Thank those who have served or are currently serving. Let them know that they are greatly appreciated and that we do, truly care....


Thank You Veterans

Thank You Veterans


Busy Saturday for Company 11

Sunday, November 8, 2015 

The day started like any other Saturday with members of company 11 gathering before sunrise to start cooking for our monthly All You Can Eat Breakfast, but before midnight  Saturday night personnel were still working hard.

Shortly before 9am, with members hard at work cooking & serving up breakfast, Company 11 was alerted for a Medical Emergency with EMS 1820 & Frederick Ambulance 198.

With crews back from the Medical Emergency call & Breakfast winding down Deputy Chief Martin & FF Hunter sat met with the Washington County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Associations Recruitment Coordinator Nicole Stotelmyer to discus the on going Recruitment & Retention effort at Potomac Valley and across Washington County .

Having finished the R&R meeting and the Breakfast cleanup raping up, personnel began to take a few minutes to catch their breath, But not for long.

At 12:13 PM, Company 11 personnel were back on the road, this time for a River Rescue on the Potomac River between the Route 340 & Lock 34. Support 11-1 w/ Boat 11 (A/C Otzelberger Jr & FF. Hunter), Support 11-7 (Deputy Chief A. Martin), Engine 11-2 (Lt. J. Martin) responded. While en-route, units were advised by Washington County ECC of 3 people in the water. Support 11-7 & 11-1 accessed the Towpath and proceeded toward the last know location. Support 11-1 found 2 victims on the shore line and a 3rd still in the water. Support 11-7 (D/C Martin) Established  the " Potomac River Command" and assisted the 2 patients on shore, while Support 11-1 proceeded to the boat ramp & launched Boat 11.  Boat 11 made a quick grab of the patient still in the river and quickly removed him from the water, where he joined his 2 friends with D/C Martin in Support 11-7. Boat 11 returned to the location of the rescue and retrieved  the Canoe from the water. All 3 patients were checked out by the crew from Frederick  Ambulance 198. All 3 refused transport and additional medical attention and all units went in service at 1:50 PM.

5:30 Brought yet another call for company 11 with units being alerted for Trouble Breathing on Sandy Hook Rd in the area between Lock 32-34. With units in the road, Washington County ECC advised additional information reporting the patient is on the Appalachian Trail in the are of the Maryland Heights Overlook. Based on this information, Company 11, 8 & 20 were alerted for their ATV/UTV's. Deputy Chief 11 (A. Martin) arrived in the area of the Trail Access on Sandy Hook Rd and Established "Maryland Heights Command".  ATV 11 (A/C Otzelberger Jr.) proceeded up the trail to locate the patient. Washington County ECC advised Command and ATV 11 that the call was walking the patient out and was about 5 minutes from exiting the trail. Last then a minute from accessing the Trail ATV found and transported the patient out to Sandy Hook Rd. After an evaluation by Frederick County Ambulance 198's crew & EMS 1820, No transport was required and units went in service. .... But Maryland Heights was not done with the members of Company 11 just yet...

At 9:10 PM, Company 11 and 8 were alerted for an Outside Investigation, Possible Brush Fire on Maryland Heights. Crews from Brush 11, ATV 11, Brush 8 & Gator 8 searched the area around the Train tunnel and the trails on Maryland Heights were a small camp fire was found. Assistant Chief 11 advised the campers of the No Fire Law for Maryland Heights and the campers extinguished the fire. Crews began to take the long hike and ride out of the mountain, When....That's right the Mountain wasn't done just yet.

As crews began loading up and preparing to go in service at 10:49 PM, 8FP11-2 advised Command that he was approached by two hikers reporting that there friend went missing on the trails during their hike.  D/C Martin advised Washington County ECC to start a new call for a missing Hiker on Maryland Heights. Crews from company 11 & 8 with both Brush 11 & 8, ATV 11 & Gator 8 entered the mountain and began searching the Appalachian Trail and the Maryland Height's Overlook Trail for the missing Hiker. For almost 2 hours crews searched miles and miles of trails on and around Maryland Heights looking for the missing hiker. Just before midnight, ATV 11 called in and advised Command that the hiker had been found and he was escorting the hiker out to the main road. After a checkup by Frederick Ambulance 198's crew, Command advised all units can go in service when ready and Washington County ECC was advised that all units were "Finally Clear" and going in service for "Hopefully the night".

You can't blame the crews, It was a long day that started at 5am Saturday morning and ended at 12:30 AM Sunday Morning with company 11 units returning to the station.

On days like today, it shows how dedicated the members of the Potomac Valley Fire Company are and the hard work and long hours that are put in 24/7, 365 days a year. Outstanding job by all of the members of company 11 who worked the fund raiser, attended the meeting and ran these calls.



All You Can Eat Breakfast

Sat Nov 7, 2015

Sat Nov 7, 2015

Friday, November 6, 2015 



Toys for Tots Collection

Thank You

Thank You

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 

The Potomac Valley Fire Company is honored to be a collection point again this year for Toys for Tots . Please drop by the station and support this years toy drive.




Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Friday, October 30, 2015  Money Bingo

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Doors Open at 11:30

Games Start at 1:00



Please Help Spread the Word

Check Now

Check Now

Thursday, October 29, 2015  Please help get the word out for our neighboring fire company (Boonsboro Fire Company). The Boonsboro Fire Company in conjunction with the Town of Boonsboro will be conducting a door to door smoke detector check in light of the recent tragic fire on Lakin Ave this week. The Smoke Detector checks will be this Saturday starting at 11am and try to hit all the residence in the town limits. Please help get the word out if you know anyone inside the Town of Boonsboro limits.

Saturdays event is not limited to just the Town of Boonsboro and on Saturday, If you are a resident living in the Potomac Valley Fire Company response area (Rt 340 from Rt 67 to the Potomac River Bridge, Rt 67 up to Yarrowsburg Rd, Sandy Hook Rd/Harpers Ferry Rd to Antietam Creek) you can give us a call at 301-432-2130 if you need your smoke detector checked or have questions on how to change / maintain your Smoke Detectors.

Daylight Savings is time to Check your Smoke Detectors, Change the Batteries in your Smoke Detectors & Replace them if they are 10 years old or older. So this Saturday before you turn your clocks back 1 hour, take a few minutes to do your 6 month smoke detector checks (Test, Replace Batteries, Clean &/or Replace).




Saturday, October 24, 2015 

Congratulations to Chief Eric Gray & his bride Paramedic Kristen McCoy Gray on their wedding Saturday. Both Eric & Kristen are both members of Company 11 and a huge part of the Potomac Valley Fire Company family. Congratulations to you both.

* Thank you to the Funkstown Vol. Fire Company for filling in for us so our members could attend the wedding.



Rescue on Maryland Heights

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 12:06

Mountain Rescue on Maryland Heights

On Wednesday October 21, 2015 at 12:06 PM the Washington County Emergency Communications Center began receiving calls reporting an Injured Person on the Maryland Heights Overlook. Moments after dispatch with a full assignment en-route, the call was updated to possible Traumatic Injuries after falling from the overlook.  Based on the update, additional Technical Rescue Crews & ATV/UTV’s were alerted. Deputy Chief A. Martin (Support 11-7) arrived on scene and establish Maryland Height Command at the entrance to the trail.

At 12:20 both ATV 11 (2 personnel) & Gator 8 (3 personnel) entered the trail and proceed up the Appalachian Trail towards the Overlook.  As ATV 11 arrived at the intersection of the Overlook Trail and the Appalachian Trail, Command was advised by Communications they had a caller on the line who was with the patient and confirmed the location and condition of the patient. Based on ATV 11’s proximity to the Overlook and knowing this intersection being the farthest point in which ATV/UTV’s could reach, a crew member from ATV 11 continued by foot to reach the Overlook with the operator of ATV 11 proceeding back down the trail to retrieve and haul additional equipment and personnel.

At 12:39 the crew member from ATV 11 reached the overlook to find an unconscious adult male approximately 15-20 feet down over the ledge where 2 bystanders & 2 Park Rangers had managed to make access to the patient. After a brief survey of the scene and update from those down with the patient, the crew member from ATV 11 advised “Maryland Heights Command” of the situation, patient status and confirmed a “Technical Rescue Operation”. Having manpower, ALS provider & additional equipment still working their way up the Appalachian Trail by ATV/Gator, then the remaining mile and a half hike by foot along the rough & narrow overlook trail, the decision was made to lower the Flight Medic & ALS (Advance Life Support) equipment down to the overlook. Trooper 3 positioned overhead and lowered their Flight Medic down to the Overlook where he joined the crew member from ATV 11 & the Park Rangers treating the patient. At 12:47, 10 additional personnel (including Chief 11 (E. Grey) & Assistant Chief 11 (R. Otzelberger Jr.) brought up on Gator 8, ATV 11 & Support 11-1 reached the Overlook where Chief 11 (E. Grey) established the “Operations Division” and a quick system was set up to lower 2 personnel (A/C Otzelberger Jr. & a company 8 FF) down to the patient to assist in patient treatment and packaging. Having both personnel in place with the patient the remaining personnel split into 2 groups, 1 assisted in getting additional EMS & stabilization equipment to the crews working on the patient while the remaining crews worked to set up a hauling system to remove the patient from the cliffs.

By 13:32 (1:32 P.M) the patient was removed from the cliffs and safely positioned on the large open space atop the Overlook where crews began to work with Trooper 3 on setting up for a hoist operation. Within minutes the patient & Flight Medic were hoisted up into the Trooper and en-route to Frederick Memorial Hospital.

Having the patient en-route to the hospital, “Maryland Heights Command” began scaling back the incident and released the units from the staging area. Crews at the Overlook began to break down the rigging systems, pickup & pack up all the equipment and began the walk out to ATV 11, Support 11-1 & Gator 8 to get a ride out. By 13:52 (1:52 P.M) all personnel & equipment were out of the mountain, going through rehab and a quick incident debriefing.

Company 11 Units:

Support 11-0, Support 11-7, Support 11-1, Utility 11, ATV 11  


A special Thank you to the 3 outstanding citizens who stopped and help render aid until the arrival of Fire/Rescue. Thank you to all the agencies who assisted in this rescue:

Washington County Fire/Rescue Companies

Frederick County Fire/Rescue Companies

VAFD (Martinsburg)

Maryland State Police Aviation Division

Park Rangers





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