Potomac Valley Fire Company

Warm Easter Day Brings start to River Rescue Season


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday with temps in the 80's brought crowds of people out to enjoy the Appalachian Trails, the Towpath and a few tempted the Potomac River. Shortly before 10 PM Sunday night a call came in reporting 3 people stranded on the Potomac River in the area of "Bass Rock".

Boats from company 11 (Potomac Valley) reported to the South 340 launch point and prepared to launch, boats from Bakerton company 7 prepared to launch from the "Point" in Harper's Ferry WV and crews from company 8 (Boonsboro) proceeded to the West Virginia side of the Potomac in the area of "Bass Rock" and accessed the river by trail to get a vantage point. 

Having confirmation of the location both Boats from Company 11 & 7 launched and headed towards "Bass Rock".  Three occupants were found on the rocks and were retrieved by boats from company 11 & 7. All three refused medical treatment and were transported by boats to the "Point" in Harper's Ferry.