Potomac Valley Fire Company

Work Detail on the Appalachian Trail


Saturday, March 4, 2017 This morning crews from both the Potomac Valley Fire Company (Company 11) and the First Hose Company of Boonsboro (Company 6 & 8) in a joint effort to better improve access to areas of the Appalachian Trail. Crews worked for a few hours on both the new access point off of Miller Ave and also on the access point off of Weverton Rd. During the day crews installed a gate off of Miller Ave, trimmed back trees to ensured both access trails leading to the Appalachian Trail were accessible by emergency equipment (Emergency Vehicles & ATV's). During the day crews also took time to review and update the response assignment, staging locations and emergency access for certain emergency units. 

We would also like to THANK Himes Store for allowing us to park some of our emergency apparatus in their side parking lot as well as providing crews with Lunch.







 Thank You Himes Store