Potomac Valley Fire Company

Potomac Valley Fire Company Apparatus


Support 11-0

  Ford Explorer

Assigned to Chief 11

Command Unit

BLS Certified First Responder Unit



BLS Jump Bag                               



Throw Bag

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Support 11-1

  Dodge Ram 2500

Support 11-1 was donated in early 2013 to the Potomac Valley Fire Company by the Park Service. Company 11 will be using Support 11-1 as a Support piece for all off road related emergencies where access maybe limited such as, Brush fire\'s, Emergencies on the Appalachian Trial,  the C&O Canal or Towpath and more). Support 11-1 will also be responsible for towing either Boat 11 or 11-1 as the first out unit on all Water related emergencies on the Potomac River due to the limited space along the C&O Canal & Towpath, Support 11-1\'s size and mobility will greatly improve company 11\'s ability to handle emergencies located in hard to reach locations. Thank You to the National ...

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Support 11-7

  Chevy Tahoe

Duty Officer

Command Unit

BLS Certified - First Responder Unit


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Engine 11-1

  Pierce Dash

Engine 11-1 aka the “WAR WAGON” is mostly used as a the 3rd out engine company for the company but don’t let “HER” age fool you, this old girl runs and pumps like she did on day one and is a firefighting work horse. Engine 11-1 runs many of the smaller limited access driveways and farm lanes that the bigger Engine 11-2 and Eng-Tanker 11 can\'t access. Engine 11-1 is also the primary engine for handling transfers to other station. Engine 11-1 was the first out engine from its time of arrival in 1986 until the arrival of Engine 11-2 in 2005. During her years as the first out engine she saw more fire and pump for more hours then all of the other engines currently i...

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Engine 11-2

  Pierce Enforcer

Engine 11-2 is the \"Work Horse\" of the Engines stationed at company 11 and is the First Out Engine on most calls due to the equipment, tools and capabilities that it has. Engine 11-2 is setup to handle a wide range of calls due to the diverse response area in which company 11 covers. This engine can handle anything from Vehicle Accidents, EMS First Responder duties, Fluid spills, Hazardous Material Incidents, Automatic Fire Alarms, River & Mountain Rescues, Rehab duties and of course handle fire attack duties. Having an in-closed Air Conditioned and Heated cab along with the mini refrigerator in the #1 Officers Side Compartment Engine 11-2 is set up to handle Rehab duties on small s...

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Engine-Tanker 11

  Pierce Dash

Engine-Tanker 11 is the primary water supply unit for company 11, due to the very limited water supply within company 11\'s area. Engine-Tanker 11 carries 1800 Gallons of water which makes it a very important unit. The Engine-Tanker responds second out on all fire related incidents with in the " Valley" and acts as the water supply unit. Engine -Tanker not only responds to fire call within company 11\'s area but also responds to structure fires into our neighboring Washington County fire companies first due and to assist companies in Jefferson County West Virginia where water is limited.




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Brush 11

  Ford 350

Brush 11 responds first out on all brush fires, unknown fires, Investigations, Wire/Tree's down and tows Boat 11-1 on River Rescues in the first due area.

200 GWT/ 150 GPM pump

Misc Adapters, Stihl Chain Saw, 2 Bladder Bags

3 Brush Rakes, Shovel, Broom, Leaf Blower

150' of 1" Booster Line (Booster Reel)

250' of 1" Forestry Line (Tray in bed)

200' of 1" Forestry Line (Rolled in Shoulder bag)

50' of 1 1/2" Forestry Line (Rolled in Hose bed)


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Utility 11

  Ford F350

Utility 11 is a multi purpose unit that handles a wide range of incidens. Utility 11 is the primary units out of the station on all EMS First Responder calls. This unit is equiped to handle EMS needs and is certified as a BLS First Responder unit through the State of Maryland. Utility 11 is also equiped with Special Rescue Equipment to handle its duties as a tow vehicle and boat support unit for all River & Water Rescue Operations. Utility 11 also tows ATV 11 and carries all equipment to support ATV operations and all Rope and Tachtical Rescue Operations such as Trail Rescues, Mountain Rescues and Rope Rescues Operations.


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Boat 11

  Demaree Inflatable Boats (DIB) Rescue Sled

Boat 11 was placed in service on 12/16/12 (Trailer is still getting the tool boxes and equipment mounted). Boat 11 was bought used from Demaree Inflatable Boats in Friendsville, Maryland where it was used as a demo boat.

Boat 11 is smaller and lighter then boat 11-1 which enables it to access the smaller and tighter area\'s of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. The size and weight difference also allows this boat to be carried by hand to locations where there is no boat access, boat ramp or when the boat ramp is in excess able. Boat 11 can also be used for inland water rescues such as vehicles stranded in high water or other flood related incidents...

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Boat 11-1


Boat 11-1

Boat 11-1 is the larger of the two Potomac Valley Rescue Boats. Boat 11-1 is used as the primary boat during the spring and summer when the water level is up on the Potomac and Shenandoah River. Depending on the river levels Boat 11-1 and Boat 11 alternate as the primary rescue boat or the down stream safety boat. Boat 11-1 is used when water levels are up and the river is more wide open. Boat 11-1 is primarily towed by Utility 11, Brush 11 or Engine 11-4, but can be towed by Utility 11-1, Support 11-0, Support 11-7 if needed.

Boat 11-1

18 Ft long

40HP Mercury Jet Motor

Light bar w/ 1 Spot Light and 2 work lights mo...

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ATV 11

  Honda Foreman

Primarily used to transport emergency worker to the limited access area's of the Appalachian Trail and along the C&O Canal.


AVT Trailer:

2003 6x12 Mid Atlantic Trailer

2) Tools Boxes

First Aid Kit, Blankets

Stoke Basket

(4) Brush Rakes, (3) Bladder Bags

Hydrant Wrench, Hammer

15 Gal Water Tank for ATV 11

Rope Bag



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Engine 11/Tanker 11

  B Model Mack

 750 GPM pump

750 Gal. as engine

1200 Gal. after conversion to tanker

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Engine 111

  B Model Mack

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  Willey Jeep

Special Unit 11


Tanker 11

  R Model Mack

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Boat 11


Boat 11 was placed out of service on 9/1/2012 after serving for over 30 yrs.

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750 GPM pump

750 Gal. Water

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Engine 11-4

  Ford F-550/Pierce

Engine 11-4 was sold in the spring of 2016 to the Stephens City Fire Department in Stephens City Va.

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